The Chinafication of America

The Chinafication of America is about to intensify. This summer the nation’s governors are going to step up their pleading for Chinese business investment in their states. Will someone, anyone make a Second Declaration of Independence for the United States of America? Will someone, anyone put an end to our ever-increasing addict-like dependence on Communist China?
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The weekend of July 15th through 17th, the recently formed U.S. China Governors’ Forum will hold its first official meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s a little-noticed by-product of Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit with President Barack Obama in Washington this past winter. The Governors’ Forum was created by the Obama State Department.
Pat Wood of the August Review, a fellow worrier about the rising dominance of China over the U.S. economy and the long-term implications of such subservience, noted the trade groveling of U.S. governors before the Governors’ Forum came in to existence.
Wood sees an attempt by Beijing to game jobs-hungry U.S. governors and he may be right. Now that China and the globalists have gutted America’s Middle Class there’s less money to buy Chinese exports.
Consider Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, a darling of the Republican Party who recently took himself out of contention for a presidential run. Daniels has made several trade pilgrimages to China and he brags about the number of foreign companies making profits in the Hoosier State:
“Indiana has caught up a long way in the last few years. We have risen to the position of Number One per capita in foreign direct investment in most recent years,” Daniels said.
The money those foreign companies make in Indiana increases the national wealth of countries other than the United States. And Daniels is a proponent of selling off our public infrastructure to foreign investors. Daniels is proud of the fact that on his watch the Indiana Toll Road has been sold to a Spanish company with financing from Australia. The tolls paid by American motorists go to enrich a company in Spain, not in America. The profits of these Chinese bosses won’t stay in America; they will go to a foreign dictatorship. It’s unknown if he favors selling any Indiana infrastructure like roads or water systems to China. Some people might view China becoming the corporate owners of business in America as a classic example of colonization. Mitch Daniels sees it as progress.
It can be argued that Texas Governor Rick Perry personifies a willingness to make a deal with the devil; in this case the devil is in the form of Huawei – a Chinese corporation with a global reputation as an espionage front company for the Chinese military and supplier of missile command and control for nations hostile to America.
U.S. defense and national security watchdogs have repeatedly turned back efforts by Huawei to partner with high-tech U.S. telecommunications companies. The fear is that Huawei will find a way to use business alliances with American telecom tech companies to worm its way in to our national communications and data networks.
In recent years a group of national-security-minded Republican members of Congress have sounded the alarm every time Huawei has tried to insinuate itself into our nation’s telecommunications infrastructure.
That doesn’t bother Texas Governor Rick Perry, also a Republican, who has flirted with the idea of running for President.
Last October he welcomed Huawei to its new U.S. headquarters in Plano, a suburb of Dallas. Perry chose to ignore the fact that Huawei has raised espionage concerns in countries from the United Kingdom to India. “This (is) a company with a really strong worldwide reputation,” Perry said.
Compare Governor Perry’s glowing assessment of Huawei with the 2007 observations on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives by yet another Republican, Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan, who noted it was Huawei that helped Saddam Hussein build an anti-aircraft system used against U.S. pilots:
“At the start of this decade Huawei illegally violated U.N. sanctions and provided a fiber optic network to Iraq. This network linked the Iraqi air defense network. Moreover, the CIA-led Iraq Survey Group’s final report concluded Huawei illicitly participated in providing transmission switches for Iraq’s fiber optic communications. In August, 2001 this Chinese-made fiber optic network was bombed because it was part of the Iraqi air defense missile sites firing at U.S. and Allied aircraft which were enforcing a no-fly zone. And also for the record, this company found time to help the Taliban, too.”
The Texas governor was clearly proud of the fact he had met Ren Zhengfei, the former Chinese Army communications research officer who founded Huawei; a company which enjoyed a meteoric rise to riches thanks to contracts with the People’s Liberation Army:
“Meeting Ren was a, I was just sharing with one of our traveling companions today what a really interesting man he is. (Chuckle) Rather straight spoken. If you didn’t know any better you’d say he grew up out in West Texas. (Laughter) I mean, he kinda tells it like it, wasn’t sugar-coatin’ it a lot. But he truly is a very powerful chief executive officer and a very focused and hard-driven individual, which, in the world we live in today, is, uh, a great attribute.”
Representative McCotter, in his opposition to letting Huawei buy a stake in the U.S. telecom technology company 3Com, offered a different view of Huawei’s founder:
“It’s usually a bad start when your founder is a former member of the People’s Liberation Army who holds Mao as a role model,” McCotter said.
Huawei may be the point of one of many Chinese spears aimed at the economic heart of America, but that doesn’t seem to bother governors like Rick Perry. The way Perry and some other governors like Michigan’s Rick Snyder see it, if the business units of a Communist dictatorship become the colonizing employers of workers in their states that means jobs and jobs mean votes. In Saginaw, Michigan, which used to be a General Motors town, the largest employer is a Chinese company. Some people in Michigan have convinced themselves they ought to be grateful.
There are those who like to dismiss concerns about the Chinafication of America as misguided. After all, the United States has long had foreign investments from companies like Daimler, British Petroleum, L’Oreal, Siemens, Toyota and many others.
The difference is those are companies from democracies. China is a brutal dictatorship ruled with an iron fist by a political party – the Communist Party – that jails, tortures and even murders its own people if they are perceived as threats to the power elite.
The fiction that Communist China is moving toward democracy is a myth that refuses to die because greedy global capitalists keep hoping it’s true.
If you pay any attention at all to the Pentagon’s reports, studies, resource allocations and testimony before Congress over the last 10 years there is one country that stands apart from all the others of the world as potentially the next great adversary of the United States. It isn’t Iran or North Korea. It’s the People’s Republic of China.
As the Memorial Day weekend approached, it was revealed that U.S. defense contractor Lockheed Martin was the target of a recent sophisticated cyber-attack on its classified data networks. The source of the attack wasn’t identified but in 2009 Lockheed Martin was the target of another cyber intrusion and experts concluded it originated in China.
The United States is the only nation with a major aircraft carrier fleet. There’s only one nation on earth that has developed so-called carrier killer missiles. That’s China.
Only one nation has demonstrated the capability to destroy satellites in space warfare; that’s China.
One one country stands accused of wholesale and systematic theft of American intellectual property and technology; that’s China.
The country atop the FBI’s list of espionage threats to the United States is China.
There’s only one country that has managed to gut America’s industrial base and bring the U.S. economy to its knees; that’s China.
Take a tour of the science and engineering schools of America’s great universities. Count the number of Chinese students and draw your own conclusions. Chinese grad students are deeply embedded in our university research labs and taxpayer-funded technology research by the terabyte is finding its way to China daily.
Take a look at the K-12 schools in your state and note how many have hired teachers provided by the Communist government of China to teach our kids how to speak Mandarin Chinese. And while you’re at it, count the number of schools who have a system for monitoring what these teachers from China are putting in the minds of our children beyond the Chinese language. Adolph Hitler would have wept over such an opportunity for propaganda indoctrination.
The Chinese Communists have succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of the old Soviet Union Communists. They are well along on the Chinafication of the United States of America. And they’ve done it without firing a shot. In fact, they done it with the help of politicians who love to wrap themselves in the flag and proclaim themselves American patriots.

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  1. VinceWade1

    Thanks for the positive feedback. All of us need to get the word out in our respective networks of friends and associates. Ideally, someone will organize a protest march and rally in Salt Lake City while the sellout is taking place.

    There will be national media in Salt Lake City for the national Governors’ Conference so this is an opportunity to expose the economic treason that is gutting America’s Middle Class.

    Is the Tea Party truly about patriotism? This is a chance to prove it…