A new and (hopefully) improved blog for 2011

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There haven’t been any posts here for awhile. I’ve been re-thinking how to present the issues I believe are important. I think I’ve thunk it through.

I’m adding audio presentations which also will be posted as podcasts for RSS users. Whenever possible, I plan to use audio clips from subject matter experts, think-tank thinkers and politicians, in that order. The blogs will be verbatims of the audio presentations. This means a lot more text. This decision flies in the face of today’s McNews super-brief “reads”  and all the advice that blogs should be brief, but there will be a lot more information to chew on for thos who seek it.

Allow me to explain how this bully pulpit is going to be used. If you care about the decline of the United States of America–this is your place.

If you think our democracy has been replaced by a for-rent government which sells itself to the highest bidder–this is your place.

If you are not a mindless Kool-Aid drinker for either political party and you believe we are being subjected to a bi-partisan shafting–this is your place.

If you believe in our capitalist democracy but also believe it is being destroyed by amoral globalists who feed their own greed at the expense of our nation–this is your place.

If you believe there is a wealthy elite that wants to divid and conquer by keeping us at each other’s throats through highly-piad media demogogues–this is your place.

If you think the People’s Republic of China is a larger, graver challenge to our future than this or that Islamic terrorist group–this is your place.

If you think we should pay more attention to what the rest of the world is saying and consider things in historical context in order to understand what is really going on–this is your place.

I hope to post new material on a regular basis. And I hope you find it informative. Please stay tuned.

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