China is Advancing in America’s Backyard

I found a small news item that, taken together with other events of the last few years, ought to be sobering for the United States. I doubt most Americans will pay attention. We’re too busy fighting with each other to notice the threats arising around us. Note that this item is about military interaction, not cultural exchanges or trade. The new brief is presented in full below, followed by some dot-connecting.

China, Guyana pledge to advance military ties

(Xinhua) Updated: 2010-07-03

Beijing – China and Guyana pledged to advance their military ties when officials from the two countries held talks here Friday.

China and Guyana are both developing countries with a common focus on economic development and the improvement of people’s lives, said Chen Bingde, chief of the General Staff of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China.

Chen made the remarks in talks with Gary Anthony Rodwell Best, chief of the Defense Staff of Guyana.

Chen said military-to-military relations are an important component of bilateral ties.

The two nations have enjoyed good exchange and cooperation in recent years, Chen added.

Best said his country values its relations with the Chinese military forces, and Guyana government will firmly adhere to the one-China policy.

Best is on an official visit to China that started June 27 and will finish July 4.

Apart from Beijing, Best will also visit Shanghai, Suzhou and Nanjing.

Most people would view a map of South America and say who cares that little Guyana has forged military ties with China?

The thing is, Guyana is right next door to Venezuela, the Leftist country that also has strong military ties to Communist China. The ChiComs gave Hugo Chavez a surveillance satellite. Only a fool would believe China won’t use that satellite for intelligence purposes in our Southern Hemisphere.

On the West Coast of South America Ecuador kicked the U.S. out of an air base there. This was at the end of the Bush administration and Ecuador turned it over to…(drum roll and cymbal crash, please)…the Chinese.

Peru, just below Ecuador in western South America, has been in talks with the Chinese to buy battle tanks and missiles. Back on South America’s eastern shore, below Guyana, Brazil agreed late last year to work with China to jointly build and operate military manufacturing plants. As the headline of the official Chinese news agency put it last November: ‘China, ‘Brazil to advance military ties to a new high.’

Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay also have forged military links to Communist China. Once more for emphasis: these are military ties we’re talking about, not civilian commerce. In terms of chess moves in South America, the dragon now has military relationships with every major nation except Colombia and Paraguay.

Some Americans are still dismayed that President Jimmy Carter gave away U.S. interest in the strategically vital Panama Canal; the gateway between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. When we walked away from the shipping canal we built and defended for decades, the Chinese moved swiftly to fill the power vacuum. The Chinese now control both ends of the Panama Canal through Hutchison Whampoa, a global port management company accused in congressional testimony of being a front for China’s Peoples Liberation Army. Through Hutchison Whampoa, the generals and admirals in Beijing can conceivably monitor every ship moving through the canal, including U.S. Navy vessels. China’s power is so pervasive in Panama that Mandarin Chinese language studies are now mandatory in Panamanian schools.

It would be instructive to Google a map of South America and look at it with an eye toward Chinese military alliances in our back yard.

Combine this with China’s aggressive moves to build ports with military basing rights along the shipping trade routes of the Indian Ocean, its military and weapons aid to North Korea, Iran and to our supposed ally – Pakistan – and we should…um…we should adopt the politically correct view that the Communist Chinese are just a bunch of cuddly little pandas. To view them with suspicion would be racist, or so some say.

We wouldn’t want to rile Chinese leaders because, after all, many of our book-smart, street-stupid multinational business leaders still harbor greedy dreams of big profits from selling to Chinese consumers. Funny thing is, now that our “free traders” have built up China’s industrial base by gutting ours, the business climate in China for Western companies is growing cooler by the day. The free-traders’ dream of Chinese Communist capitalism has been shown to be a wet dream, at best. The free traders never face the fact that there is no such thing as “Free Trade” in Communist China. Never has been, never will be.

Those of us who are politically-incorrect observers note China is still a Communist regime with a rapidly growing military and enduring grudges against the West over historic slights and exploitation.

Nationalism is on the rise in China and if that country’s economy falters, there is the time-tested option of starting a war to distract the attention of the Chinese people. Heck, we Americans know all about that. This is not to suggest a direct military conflict between the U.S. and China is likely. But it is clear China is bolstering its military in ways meant to counter or neutralize U.S. power. While China may not take on the U.S. head-to-head on the high seas, they may be tempted to use their growing navy to squeeze one of our Pacific allies as a means of demonstrating declining U.S. power.

As we continue to sink billions into dubious military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan our political leaders should note the U.S. submarine fleet is declining while China’s sub fleet is expanding rapidly. Those prowlers of the deep aren’t roaming the Pacific and Indian Oceans to make goodwill port calls.

All of this is eerily similar to the rise of Japan in 1939-1940. America didn’t pay attention then, either. No one dreamed Japan might go to war against the United States…until December 7, 1941.


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  1. David

    I don’t understand why you are so paranoid with China. China Military Expanse per capita is the world lowest. Even if you say China military on the rise and US decline, the real number is still far unmatched. US military spending is 50% of world total. A lot of people in third world countries more worry with US than China.